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Our vast range of hydraulic fittings manufacturer products means that you can easily find what you are looking for on our network. That means, no need to pay additional shipping charges while buying from different stores, and reduction in both your time and money. Our stainless steel products that can be used for multiple purposes are all available in bulk stock. Therefore, if you want to place a bulk order, we are only a call away.

Apart from that, in order to make sure all our products are of high-quality we have maintained an efficient and qualified team of quality assurance professionals. In addition, as a responsible hydraulic adapter we ensure that only quality components are used in the manufacturing process. Our state of the art machinery and factory infrastructure also assist in boosting the quality as well as speeding up the process. We also offer customized solutions to all buyers who are in search for personalized goods.

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us today and let our team of excellent customer support representatives serve you by helping you and answering all your queries.

We are a leading hydraulic fittings manufacturer, and our hydraulics solutions are supplied to various markets. We are associated with global dynamic hydraulic fitting suppliers and our experts in manufacturing and such products.

As a hydraulic fitting, we assure that we have the flexibility to create exceptionally high-quality products in a great variety. We generate a vast range of designs and shapes. Our hydraulic-fittings are applied in many industries like; agriculture, defence, marine, transport, manufacturing, mining, engineering, construction, and so on. Hydraulic fittings strategically are necessary worldwide and work in numerous functioning industries.

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Shanghai Solid Fittings Co., Ltd, specializing in manufacturing all kinds of hydraulic connector: hose ferrule, hose fittings manufacturer, flange, quick couplings and hydraulic fittings supplier etc. Our products are strictly followed as the standard of American SAE, British BS, German DIN, Australian AS, and Chinese GB. Generally speaking, we are medium size factory in China in this field, professional, efficient with quick respond. We could offer acceptable quality and delivery, but better price and service. Our factory covers 3000 square meters, located in Hemudu industrial zone in Yuyao City, only 1 hour to Ningbo, and two hours to Shanghai.

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As professional manufacturer in this field, we ship our goods all around the world, UK,Russia and Spain in Europe, US and Canada in North America, Peru and Brazil in South America, Israel and Saudi in Mid east etc. We are working in quick respond, any of your inquiry or email will be answered in 24 hours.


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