5 Essential Factors to Find in a Hydraulic Fittings Manufacturer

Hydraulic adapter manufacturer
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23rd May 2019
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22nd August 2019
hydraulic adapter manufacturer

Today, every hydraulic fittings manufacturer is keen to find different methods to offer various threads with new ways. Hydraulic fittings are components utilized for the connection of tubes, pipes and hoses in a hydraulic system. A hydraulic tool is operated under extreme pressure and is not a fixed system in general. There are numerous attributes to research on and grasp to judge the suitability for your application.

Different Types of Hydraulic Fittings:

There are different types of fittings that a hydraulic adapter manufacturer offers:

  • Flare-O Hydraulic Fitting
  • Stainless Steel Hydraulic Fitting
  • The O-Ring Face Seal Fitting
  • Hydraulic Hose Ends and JIC Fitting

Below are the aspects that must be considered while choosing the correct hydraulic adapter manufacturer for the relevant project:


The application has the most critical importance for selecting the right hydraulic fitting. Just like a hose, the acronym “STAMP” is used for the hydraulic fitting. STAMP stands for Size, Temperature, Application, Media and Pressure. All the above factors are vital to choosing the best hydraulic system.

Rating of Pressure

Since pressure rating has increased, quite a few OEMs are going for the O-ring face seals, together with the DIM metric fittings. Fittings such as JIC are not rated in terms of high-pressure ratings, specifically in the applications which have a high vibration. In addition, threads like NPT are not suggested for high pressure. High-pressure rating applications need fittings that are ‘specially rated’.


In terms of popularity, NPT pipe threads are on top. The reason for the popularity is that the leaks can easily be fixed through tightening the fitting. Since JIC fittings have been the industry yardstick for many years, these are still susceptible towards cracked flares from ultra aggressive wrenching. The mated sealing area in the seal fitting and DIN metric fitting with O-ring face lessens the risk of over torque; the hydraulic system gives tremendous reliability. The reason for reliability is the electrometric seal, which is grabbed in the surface of mating.


Hydraulic fitting is the best in terms of versatility, whether it is crimp style hydraulic hose fitting or field attachable hydraulic hose fitting. Besides, there are some other fittings which can connect a JIC fitting to any American or foreign port, while jump sizes are also adjustable.

Wrap Up

To conclude, every hydraulic fitting is as good as an assembler. As a general rule, there should be minimum possible connections to connect the hose. Similarly, the above factors enhance the importance of a quality hose fittings manufacturer.

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