Hydraulic Adapter Manufacturer and Supplier

Shanghai Solid Fittings Co., Ltd, has spent 15 years in the industry to become one of the leading hydraulic adapter manufacturer in China. Not only that, but we have also managed to supply our products to many international clients. With trained and educated engineers we have managed to produce products which strictly follow standards of Chinese GB, Australian AS, British BS, American SAE, and German DIN. Though we are known as a medium-sized organization in this industry, it has never stopped us from competing with the market leaders. Our quality products and competitive prices have helped us become a reputable hydraulic fittings manufacturer in the international market.

We have a huge stock of hydraulic adaptors which means if you are looking for the best hydraulic adapter, you are at the right place. We have been in the industry long enough to claim our self as an experienced organization. If you want to invest smartly regarding adapters, invest in our products.

Every component is manufactured with the utmost care and attention. The hard work that goes into the making of each component pays off in the form of eminent adapters. We are known as the leading hydraulic adapter manufacturer, and our products are valued in the market.

Quality Hydraulic Fittings Manufacturer in China

We have a team comprised of experienced individuals who understand the criticality of the application of these adapters. They may not seem like the main thing in the entire system, but their integrity cannot be risked. That’s why it is important to trust only the best hydraulic fittings manufacturer.

Solid Fittings believe that the strength of any company depends upon the honesty it shows towards the customers and the quality of its products. We have been lucky in both. Our customers are content with us, and we are included in the high-quality suppliers of the hydraulic adapter manufacturer in China. We are a choice of smart people.

Flexibility to create exceptionally high-quality products in a great variety. We generate a vast range of designs and shapes. Our hydraulic-fittings are applied in many industries like; agriculture, defence, marine, transport, manufacturing, mining, engineering, construction, and so on. Hydraulic fittings manufacturer strategically are necessary worldwide and work in numerous functioning industries.