Hydraulic Fittings Manufacturer in China

We have a team comprised of experienced individuals who understand the criticality of the application of these adapters. They may not seem like the main thing in the entire system, but their integrity cannot be risked. That’s why it is important to trust only the best hydraulic fittings manufacturer.

Solid Fittings believe that the strength of any company depends upon the honesty it shows towards the customers and the quality of its products. We have been lucky in both. Our customers are quite satisfied with us, and we are included in the list of suppliers as a quality hydraulic adapters. We are a choice of smart people.

As a prominent hydraulic fittings manufacturer, we produce hydraulic fittings that connect pipes, hoses and tubes. Our fittings/joints have a male-female component which joins in order to make a connection. The connection helps to contain and direct the hydraulic fluid’s flow in a conductor while stopping leakage and maintaining pressure at the same time.

We also offer the worth mentioning JIC standard fittings. Thee fittings use taper and bevel arrangement which seals similar to a poppet valve. In adherence to international standards, our female JIC fitting is a swivel. They allow hose ends to join each other without rotating the fitting, tube or component.

Quality Hydraulic Fittings Manufacturer and Supplier

Flexibility to create exceptionally high-quality products is a great attribute. We generate a vast range of designs and shapes. Further, we offer hydraulic fittings that are made up of various materials, including brass, stainless steel, Monel, plastic and more.  More often than not, our offered fittings match with the conductor’s equipment required for a particular system.

The swarm of materials generates fittings alongside a broad array of performance abilities. Most of our hydraulic fittings have assigned temperature ratings and pressure together with dimension standards and size; mentioned by the SAE.

Our hydraulic-fittings are applied in many industries like; agriculture, defense, marine, transport, manufacturing, mining, engineering, construction, and so on. Strategically, Hydraulic fittings and related components are necessary worldwide and work in numerous functioning industries. For quality work, solidfittings is the right hydraulic fittings manufacturer for you.

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